Pet Alignments

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Alignment Pet Hi there Our pet alignment sessions are either booked for when we are in your area or you can book at Laodas-way and bring your pet to us.  Any questions let us know. Sessions are pre pay to book a session. $157.50  initial assessments and visit. or if retreat  is needed then $105. Small animal feed may be less please ask.  (we invoice you). 😉 Travel is at cost. Once that’s done we schedule you a date and time. It takes approx 1 hr. For the treatment sometimes longer for your first visit. Typically we recommend a few products post alignment like liniments or herbs. You buy these to aid recovery of your horses Treatment.  Our sessions are focused on addressing the cause of mis-alignment or imbalance and we will discuss these on the day of treatment. Let us know if you would like to book 😁 We require Name Email Phone # to book Dates you are available. Or if you can be flexible. Julie MacKinnon