Lisa has opened the door to truly allow animals to be the best they can be !

Her driven passion for animals came at a young age, being raised on a farm with dogs, cats horses, goats, moose, and deer. Gathering knowledge every step of the way to care and nurture, and to always listen.
Starting with her first real job, care and management of 240+ mares in a PMU operation. Alternating in summer months to trail guide at a local western/ghost town and campground. Where she also cared for the horses along with guiding the rides.
Eventually leading Lisa to want her own horses and start her breeding program, in 2002 her first foal of many to come. Raising and breeding Paint and Paint x for 22 years, providing correct nutrition, trimming, cleansing and love to each and every one!
As her sister, Julie, had started into the equine, kinesiology world, Lisa was ready to follow, learn and listen. Her animals began programs and she started to see how amazing they were becoming.
Lisa continued to learn and assist Julie wherever she could.
Spending time and assisting Julie for 20 years has allowed Lisa, the personal training from the best! As well as encompassing the knowledge and trust to be able to use muscle testing and learned protocols developed over the years to correct issues from simple diagnosis to extreme issues.
Knowing and seeing what pure supplements and true nutrition and body care can do for all animals, Lisa wanted more so is now completing the Laodas-Way Healing master series! She wants to provide for more and spread knowledge to more!

Her Training includes:
Muscle testing          
Grounding and Energy Balancing 
Hoof trimming
Essential oils
Equine Rehabilitation    
Equine Nutrition/Cleansing 
Equine Massage/Stretching 
Equine Chiropractics        
Pet Nutrition/Cleansing 
Human Kinesiology (nutrition/cleanses) and Body Alignment