Equine Dentistry

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Equine Dentistry Hi there 🤠 Our equine dental  sessions are either booked when we are in your area at barns we have set up or haul ins are welcome at our facility for any number of bookings. If you have 5 or more animals to do we can also book a day at your facility/barn. Julie is a certified equine dentist. Any questions let us know. Visits require a pre paid deposit of $100 to book your dental spot. On average dental sessions are $200-225 plus tax. Sometimes extra costs apply for things like extractions etc. Meds and travel are extra and charged at cost. It takes approx 1 hr to 1.5 hr for the session. Typically we recommend post dental pain herbs or liniments to help your horse adjust. These are extra but minimal cost. Our sessions are focused on addressing current dental needs and long term care. Let us know if you would like to book 😁 We require Name Email Phone # to book Area you are in (so we can book you at our nearest facility) Or if you would like to haul in.