Nutrients To Die For-Equine

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Nutrients to Die For -Equine Clinic A Laodas-Way Healing clinicDetails: *Wondering what to feed your horse!*Wanting to know why each horse is so individual in its needs?*Hoping to find a way to know what to feed, when and how much? *In this class we will be covering: muscle testing, assessing organs, systems, glands, and their treatment plans.  *Getting to know fat, fiber, protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and how much of each to feed for how long. *We will be identifying bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungal infections. Plus learning how to build cleanses to eliminate them. *And also we will look at other energy needs for competing and seasonal changes. *Our goal is to create feed plans for long term health!This is a 3 day clinicLocation: tbaPre-registration requiredCost $750Payment plans available 2-3 months