Animal Communication & Energy Work

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Animal Communication & Energy Work Horse/Pet: Our animal communication and energy sessions are via distance over the phone. We use Photos, history, and communication with energy work to do the session. Any questions let us know. Sessions are pre pay to book a session. $157.50 (we invoice you). 😉 Once that’s done we select a date and time to do the reading. It takes approx 1hr. Each session time slot is not moveable once booked as we have others ahead and behind your booking time. Please be on time. We call you at your specific time. Please send ahead Left / Right photos (current) And have prepared a list of questions you wish to tackle in your session. (No need to send this -just have it ready ) If your animal requests feed, herbs, oils, therapy tools etc to assist them these are extra. Let us know if you would like to book 😁 We require Name Email Phone # Photos  to book